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Biggest copyright jerks ever


No one likes the idea of having their ideas stolen and the war over copyrighted material has been raging far longer than the Internet has been around, but SABAM might just take the crown for being king of the copyright jerks.

As Robin Wauters of The Next Web reports, the group is attempting to charge libraries in Belgium for having volunteers read children books. Yes, you read that correctly.

SABAM got in touch with the library to let them know that it thinks this is unacceptable, however, and that they should start coughing up cash for the audacity to read stories from copyrighted books out loud. The library rep calculates that it could cost them roughly 250 euros (which is about $328) per year to pay SABAM for the right to – again – READ BOOKS TO KIDS…

The De Morgen reporter then contacted SABAM (probably to check if this wasn’t an elaborate hoax or some grave error in judgment) and received a formal statement from the organization asserting that, indeed, public libraries need to pay up for the right to – once again – READ BOOKS TO KIDS.

Has it really gotten this bad?

Full story at The Next Web via Boing Boing.

Issues of copyright.

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  • Anonymous

    Then books would be like cd’s and dvd’s. I completely disagree with this. If I paid for that book then I have the right to do with that book whatever I want, except copying it or scan it and share it all over the internet. Cd’s say that it is forbidden to play the cd in public, to borrow it… etc, this is stupid. And in this case we are talking about public libraries… which makes this whole thing even more stupid.