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Bog bodies discovered to be 3,000-year-old Frankensteins


Digging up bodies, no matter how old, is always a bit eerie, but perhaps never so much as when the parts of those bodies aren’t all from the same person.

Scientists were shocked to discover that two 3000-year-old “bog bodies” found beneath 11th century houses off the Scottish coast were made of six people, but that’s only the beginning of the creepiness surrounding this find. It appears they’d been buried just long enough to be preserved before being unearthed and reconstructed 300 to 600 years later.

The explanations thus far for such bizarre rituals range from simply adding a head or arm that fell off the original for appearance’s sake to the bodies being representative of a larger idea, yet it’s likely we’ll never know the strange story behind these grisly reconstructions. A bolt of lightning might help, though, be it literal or figurative.

Full story at National Geographic via The Mary Sue.

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Photo credit: Mike Parker Pearson, University of Sheffield

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