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Botox is bad for your social life


Making meaningful social connections could prove more difficult if your face looks like a the mug of a cast member on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” A study recently published in Medical News Today found that botox can affect the ability to read and mimic other people’s emotions.

The study’s lead author, David Neal, wrote: “One way we read the feelings of others is by mimicking their facial expressions, whereupon muscular feedback from our faces to our brains helps us decide which emotions the expressions correspond to.” The paralyzing effects of botox injections impair this feedback response, negatively impacting social interactions.

The ability to mimic the facial expressions of others is a way of getting “a window into their inner world,” and when “we can’t mimic, as with Botox, that window is a little darker.”

Full story at Psychology Today.

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