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Build-your-own camera makes photography kid’s play [video]


When picking out a camera, what you see is what you get, but not when novelty camera company Fuuvi joins forces with Nanoblock and lets you express your creativity with the equipment as well as the product.

Whether you’ve been missing that classic Polaroid feel or just want to get a little crazy to put a smile on your subject’s face, the sky’s the limit with this building block camera.

The camera’s specs include: a 2-megapixel sensor, 720×480/30fps video recording, MicroSD storage, and a built-in USB connector for charging and transferring the images to your computer.

Unfortunately, Japan is the only place to get this unique item at the moment, but we can keep hoping LEGO takes the hint.

Full story at Fuuvi via PetaPixel.

Fun photography.

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