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Butterbeer cupcakes even Voldemort couldn’t resist


If the mention of butterbeer always got your tastebuds tingling while tackling the next 1000-page-plus Harry Potter adventure, you can now either disapparate yourself to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to grab a bubbly brew or whip up the cupcake alternative. And, honestly, who couldn’t use another excuse to make cupcakes?

Amy at amybites has concocted a mouthwatering recipe for butterbeer cupcakes based on the amusement park’s vision of the popular drink that Dumbledore would have surely used as the password to his office. You have plenty of time to gather all the ingredients before the weekend and get a few practice baking sessions in before the last movie comes out, so what are you waiting for?

Full story at amybites.

Death Eaters hate Cupcakes.

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