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Calm holiday nerves by getting physical


When things start getting hot in the kitchen, classic wisdom says to get out, and it just so happens that’s just what the doctor ordered.

“When times get crazy, the thing people give up is exercise, and that’s the key thing a person needs. When a person is excitable from stress, the burst of energy that you get from exercise can help burn the adrenaline off and calm you down,” said Erica Christ, RD, CDE, an exercise physiologist at Greenwich Hospital’s Weight Loss & Diabetes Center. “Exercise allows you time to focus, and gives you a sense of mindfulness that makes the other pieces of your life fall into place,” added Christ.

For those with a regular exercise regime, that means making it a priority on the to-do list rather than dismissing it in the rush to get everything done, especially at this busy time of year.

And if an hour of exercise can make a whole holiday that much happier, it will be well worth the effort.

Also be sure to check out the article for helpful hints on healthy eating, but, hey, pumpkin’s a vegetable*, right?


Full story at Newswise.

Staying sane and healthy.

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