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Can comics in the classroom hook kids on learning?


When one thinks of comics in class, they’re usually disguised behind a hefty textbook or being doodled in the margins, but teacher Patrick Murphy believes bringing them out in the open could be the key to getting students excited about studying.

“I took a sci-fi lit class in college and it was the first class I actually liked,” Murphy, who calls himself the “Alpha Nerd,” told The San Diego Union Tribune. After discovering that his students hated The Scarlet Letter, Murphy introduced them to the books he’d fallen in love with: science fiction, horror, fantasy, and comic classics like The Island of Dr. Moreau and Frankenstein.

Fans of more traditional classics may scoff, but 100% of Murphy’s students made the grade on Utah’s state English tests, and that provides some food for thought.

If bringing your inner nerd to work sounds like an idea any teachers out there would like to explore further, Murphy has a Facebook group called The Nerd in the Classroom where educators can share and discuss ideas on how to bring their hobbies into the hallowed halls of academia and conquer the evils of flagging interest once and for all.

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Novel ideas in education.

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