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Capturing the dramatic collision of fire and water


When two of Earth’s most basic elements meet, there are bound to be sparks, but few photographers are willing to take the risks involved in capturing the moment a lava flow meets the ocean’s surface. For the Hawaii-based team of CJ Kale and Nick Selway, though, it’s just another day on the job.

Not only are they willing to go the distance to capture amazing shots like these, they’re also willing to share their talents with members of the military they would like to thank for their service. After capturing the perfect shot of the sunset at Oahu last Memorial Day, CJ Kale decided to share that special moment with the men and women in uniform.

As explained at the Lava Light Gallery blog:

What I am doing is for any service member who emails me at: [email protected] and puts Memorial in the subject line I will email them back a full resolution file of the image un-watermarked and a photo release to print it at any lab of their choice in any size. Also I can be contacted by Facebook- CJ Kale or Lava Light Galleries or our websitewww.lavalightgalleries.com . Just my way of giving back for all that has been done for us. Never in my photographic career have I given out a digital file of one of my fine art photos to be printed at will. I would be happy to send this image out to every member of the military. I hope that it is shared around service members either through me our through even just sharing the file and release by forwarding the email I send them to their friends in the service.

Great talent and grateful hearts; not a bad combination.



Full story at Lava Light Galleries via My Modern Met.

Nature photography at its finest.

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