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Cat babysits kitten, drops kitten down a sewer

Apparently cats who know each other regularly babysit each other’s young. But things don’t always go so well––take a look.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • George

    And the kitten is muttering under its breath: “Wait until I get older!”

  • Ruby

    Mama cat better watch her baby closer. Poor little kitten didn’t know what was going on

  • sarah

    At least the babysitter saved the baby and didnt just leave her there.

  • Bonnie

    Sorry that cat was not babysitting! It is not a cute video.That cat was playing with that kitten like it was prey.Thank God the kitten’s mother heard the commotion.I have seen this behavior before.Not amusing…

  • carolyn E Davis

    I agree with Bonnie that was not baby sitting, that was rough play possible to injure or kill the kitten

  • S.E.

    It is nature and that is what they do. The kitten was not harmed and neither were any of the rest of the cats. It was playing, just a bit harder. Did not know its’ own strength. At least it pulled it out instead of leaving it to die.