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Cat videos come into their own with Internet Cat Video Film Festival


Many never see the films lauded at Cannes, but everybody with an Internet connection has enjoyed the films to be featured at the world’s first Internet Cat Video Film Festival whether they  wanted to or not.

Scheduled for August 30 in Minneapolis, that which makes engine of the online world purr will bring those usually tethered by virtual connection into a more traditionally social sphere as the event provides “…a chance for people to come together and ‘LOL [laugh out loud] in the presence of others’.”

As Ed Robinson, creative director of The Viral Factory noted to the BBC:

“At some stage in the early internet it was just discovered that if you animate any kind of image of a kitten doing a dance then it was a universal language of joy…”

“It works across all cultures, all languages… and we are genetically tuned to have an emotional response to cute animals.”

Robinson’s take on dogs may not appeal to canine lovers the world over, but he does have a point:

“They’ve been busy chasing sticks – but the cats have been at the forefront of the cultural movement.”

Full story at BBC.

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