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Check out the DIY weapons of the Syrian rebels

Thirty-eight pictures of how Syrian rebels make and use weapons.


Photo credit: Reuters/Mahmoud Hassano

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  • ok

  • is this a cleverly disguised samsung galaxy ad?

  • It is sad, that in the 21st century, man hasn't matured enough in compassion and humanity, to make weapons and knowledge such as this unnecessary.

  • which syrian betrayed his fellow rebels with this confidential information?

  • +Rick Fluck I don't know what to say wrt your comment and Assad.  Just say no to violence?  Has anyone asked him nicely to stop shooting his citizens?  Sad, yes.  Ever gonna happen? No.

  • Wow, everything's homemade. Crazy how they use the video game controller to control the machine gun.

  • in·gen·ious

  • Most probably from their western partners aka USA, NATO and IsraHell.
    Assad FTW.

  • It's my own sensibilities, and there is nothing wrong with the use of the word or the activity thereof, but I wished the caption writer didn't use the word "homemade."

    Can we give them the credit that they are manufacturing their own weapons?

    Are we so consumption-based that we think of only two categories: bought from a store or DIY? That is what manufacturing is…..homemade!

  • I think I saw this on "How it's Made" on Discovery…

  • They sure have a lot of determination

  • Haha. Rebels = DIY. Insurgents = IED. Until blowback, then rebels = insurgents = Al Qaeda = let's bomb Iran.

  • Haha. Rebels = DIY. Insurgents = IED. Until blowback, then rebels = insurgents = Al Qaeda = let's bomb Iran.

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  • Fiat uno

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  • +Tim Zhou There's an app for that! 🙂

  • Sad

  • 3D printers make IT possible 4 people 2 print their own weapons.

  • Check out the gasoline war…