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Chocolate linked to better cognition! Woo hoo!

Is your mind having trouble resisting the urge to indulge in a taste of chocolate?

That’s not willpower failing, it’s brain food calling!

According to Forbes:

It turned out that the people who ate the most chocolate had higher scores on multiple tests of cognition: the Global Composite, Visual-Spatial Memory and Organization, Scanning and Tracking, Similarities and the Mini Mental States Examination. There wasn’t a link between chocolate and verbal memory, and the link with working memory was weak. But even after controlling for a number of physiological variables (like cholesterol, glucose levels and blood pressure) and dietary patterns (like consumption of meat or alcohol), the results that were significant remained significant.

We know what you’re wondering: What’s the catch?

The research team didn’t know the exact dosage or what kind of chocolate subjects were eating, but I think we can all agree it’s still good news.

Full story at Forbes.

Science says.

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