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Clever uses for aluminum foil

Be sure to read the comments for more uses too.


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  • Hi

  • What a great idea 🙂

  • Why don't you just take the knob off before you paint?

  • That link 404s

  • Now that is a great idea, a lot better that tape.

  • Yeah take the knob off and use that foil to cook a burger on the engine block of your car.

  • Lots of cool ideas — I particularly like the ironing suggestion.

    But I have to agree with +Henri Suominen  — when painting, just take the freaking knob off. It's like two screws and probably takes less time.

  • Nice! It's fun for little kids to paint on. Mix tempera paint with a little bit of dish soap to help it stick to the foil.

  • cooool

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  • +Esther Kiss thankfully my Doberman is easily intimated

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  • Just keep in mind that aluminum foil is a pretty big pollutant.


  • the funnel idea is the best… I'm pissed that I never thought of that… hahaha

  • Couldn't read the post as an obnoxious Martha Stewart ad keeps popping up.  Doesn't matter if you sit all the way through the ad or click the X in the corner to close out of it, it just runs over and over and over…

  • It's a waste, that's what masking tape is for

  • +Guy Kawasaki …. I love the REAL SIMPLE site from where you got this idea..  It's soooo Pinterestable.

  • I normally use Masking Tape, but I guess this works too

  • Be careful

  • All this time and we never knew that.

  • Waste of aluminum foil

  • Man I Like this one.

  • Would have read all 9 uses but the ads were too annoying.

  • Or you can just take it off.

  • Nndb

  • Hahaha, Guy I have heard some people use it for a hat too, but as hot as it gets around here I really don't recommend it, LoL, Happy Easter everyone , Rich

  • I use it so the aliens can't read my thoughts….and so I get better FM reception.

  • good idea !!  But some  still not much concern about  re-use & "- cycle.

  • +Rob Bird The only bad thing about that here is all the thunderstorms we've been having. There was a lot of lightening flying around here last night and they are expecting more this evening. Of course if you are into free energy it could be a definate plus,LoL,FONF and LMAO, Rich

  • not sure if anyone has heard of masking tape??? cheap easy to use and remove.

  • did they forget to mention hats?

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  • đọc bài thơ viết về Mẹ của bạn ,thật xúc động

  • Hãy dành cho nhau 1 ít quan tâm… để ta luôn thấy ta ko bỏ mặc nhau!

  • death to the inviroment

  • Bai tho lam minh dang ngam ngui vi mua nho me"Hu hu me oi?

  • +Sam Smith  What is inviroment?