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Coke’s secret recipe revealed


Legend has it that Coke’s mystery ingredient is so secret that only two employees know it—and they never travel together, lest they both die and take the recipe with them. But the folks at Chicago Public Radio’s “This American Life” radio show think they have stumbled on this Holy Grail of soft drinks. A photograph from a 31 year old Atlanta periodical, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shows a picture of a notebook that once belonged to John Pemberton, inventor of Coca Cola. In the picture, the notebook happens to be opened to a page containing the following recipe:

Fluid extract of Coca: 3 drams USP
Citric acid: 3 oz
Caffeine: 1 oz
Sugar: 30 (unclear quantity)
Water: 2.5 gal
Lime juice: 2 pints, 1 quart
Vanilla: 1 oz
Caramel: 1.5 oz or more for color

The secret 7X flavor (use 2 oz of flavor to 5 gals syrup):
Alcohol: 8 oz
Orange oil: 20 drops
Lemon oil: 30 drops
Nutmeg oil: 10 drops
Coriander: 5 drops
Neroli: 10 drops
Cinnamon: 10 drops

Home-brew away!

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