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Colossal tower of cupcakes guaranteed to crush any resolution


What do you get when you take 13,000 cupcakes and assemble them all in one place? Why, “Muffin Tops,” of course, but before you take offense, there’s a deeper meaning to this delectable installation by baker Leah Foster.

Her cupcake tower was designed to help girls with insecurities. Students helped her decorate them, and each one had a little message inside. According to Leah, “Women are taught to be pretty on the outside and on the inside, to be smart and attractive, to be individual and independent. For me, the cupcake represents this contradiction and duality. The cupcake is almost everything I’ve been taught to be. It is cute, pretty, and petite, yet individual – not part of the larger cake. I feel this is symbolic of the current situation of my generation.”

Deep thoughts never tasted so sweet!

Full story at Design Taxi via Bit Rebels.

Baking is an art.

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