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Comparing disasters: Sandy vs. Katrina [infographic]

With memories of Hurricane Katrina still fresh in the collective mind of New Orleans, it’s only natural that comparisons would be made to the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, not to compete, per se, but to gain perspective.

Via Huffington Post.

Like infographics? So do we.

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting graphs. The one you’re missing is the one that shows INVITATIONS FOR PRESIDENTIAL VISIT, BY POLITICAL PARTY.

    In Katrina, the local officials in New Orleans (all Democrats, by the way—Mayor and Governor) all told Bush not to come. He was not invited. A presidential visit requires human resources and security they could not afford to provide.

    In Sandy, NY Mayor Bloomberg said the same thing to Obama. No diss, just don’t come. However, Governor Christie of New Jersey, a Republican, invited Obama and personally escorted him through the devastated areas.

    Republicans +1. Democrats -2.