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How to conquer common business fear


Halloween is just around the corner. Time for spooks, scares, and frights of all sorts. Unfortunately, in the business world, those spooks, scares, and frights never really go away. But maybe this Halloween you can take the bull by the horns and conquer some of your business fears. This Open Forum article tackles four common business fears and offers how to beat them. For example:

Are you scared of technology? Sorry, Luddites, but it’s time to get with the (cloud-based) program if you expect your business to keep pace with the competition. Consumers are adopting technology avidly, and they’ll quickly lose patience if your business doesn’t offer what they need, whether that’s a mobile-friendly website or e-commerce capabilities. Whether you need to take a class, sign up for a webinar or enlist an IT consultant (or a more tech-savvy friend or employee) to tutor you, don’t be shy.

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