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Content marketing advice from a career advice columnist


Learning how to navigate content marketing can be a real challenge. If you need some advice, Reputation Capital offers real advice from, well, a former advice columnist. She’s got five tips to offer, gleaned from her career as a business advice columnist. For example:

  • Let your readers guide you. While my column wasn’t strictly a Q&A, I did receive a high volume of reader mail. This feedback was invaluable for generating ideas. Many a column was written simply by taking a single reader question and dedicating a day’s work to finding the answer. Other times, a string of similar reader questions or complaints would yield the beginnings of a trend story that was fleshed out with expert interviews and stats from the Labor Department.
  • Develop a thick skin. Oh, speaking of reader mail … If you put yourself out there, you should prepare yourself for the inevitable trolling and abusive comments. Sometimes it’s predictable — when I wrote about working mothers, gay rights or union issues, I just braced myself for it. Other times it, it will be totally random — I would periodically get slammed just for BEING a working mother.

Full story at Reputation Capital.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the solid advice and good luck with being the working mum. I´m still there myself so I know what you are talking about