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Contraband-bearing drone crashes outside prison walls

If the government thought they’d have their hands full monitoring the flight of perfectly innocent drones bearing special deliveries from Amazon, they’re really going to have problems when it comes to securing the unguarded airspace above prison enclosures.

A drone carrying phones, tobacco and marijuana was discovered outside the walls of Lee Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison in Bishopville, South Carolina, this past spring, though authorities have yet to discover who was behind the failed smuggling attempt. The person they currently have in custody denies any knowledge of drones period, and says they weren’t even mentioned when he was arrested. Officials are still searching for accomplices.

A cell phone smuggled into a prison several years ago was to blame for a hit put out on a prison guard who was shot in his home, so these kind of issues will have to be tackled sooner rather than later, and higher barbed wire isn’t going to do the trick.

Full story at Reuters.

Fighting crime just got harder.

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