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Corgi teaches puppy to sit [video]

There’s so much to teach a young pup learning to negotiate a big, new world, and this older dog is on top of one of the most basic lessons: how to sit.

It’s the paw on the backside that kills us.

Full story at YouTube via Care2.

Old dogs teaching new tricks.

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  • Valerie

    That is so darn cute!

  • Lum

    What a creepy environment to raise dogs in

  • Why is that a creepy environment to raise dogs in? Is it because their not speaking English, that doesn’t make it creepy. Obviously they love their dogs.

  • Benedikt

    gail baty there is another video on the net.—Zeus Corgi.Poppy attack—-. indeed unsuited for dogs and puppies. plain concrete. has nothing to do that the people do not speak english…. check out the other video as well.