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Corks pop back thanks to simple innovation


Workers of Portugal cork forests are breathing a sigh of relief as a simple innovation in wine bottle production could bring the cork stopper back into vogue.

The Helix wine cork, designed by Portuguese cork producer Amorim and the US glass container manufacturer O-I, melds the ease of twist-off caps with the traditional flavor of cork stoppers to produce the perfect solution for wine drinkers everywhere.

Noting that cork grows on trees and so “fits with wine’s earthiness,” the BBC’s News Magazine commented: “A scientist might talk about the explosive pop of a wine cork in terms of pressure or elasticity. But for wine lovers, the distinctive creak and pop means something good is happening. It triggers associations – social intimacy, relaxation, nuanced aromas, celebration – that go far beyond just a slug of alcohol.”

The best part is that this creation will render digging a corkscrew out of the bottom of the drawer a thing of the past, and who wouldn’t toast to that?

Full story at Portuguese American Journal.

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