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Correcting 79 common mispronunciations [video]


We’ll admit the English language has a way of reshaping itself to the times, but that’s still not an excuse to mangle the spoken version at every opportunity.

To save us from embarrassment when speaking to those outside our immediate group of friends (who probably all mispronounce the same words), Mental_Floss is here to help.

(And though we’re slightly ashamed to admit it, the Pittsburgh area must be included in the list of geographic areas that insist on mispronouncing “Versailles,” and emphatically so.)

Full story at Mental_Floss @ YouTube via Geeks are Sexy.

Mental_Floss: Always there to keep your brain squeaky clean.

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  • Really proud to find that I’m pronouncing most of those words just fine. 🙂

  • Isn’t it funny, though, when you’ve been reading a word for years the wrong way, then suddenly, you realize you’ve been hearing it all along and never made the connection?
    Such “duh!” moments. :/