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Cracking the code on your gadgets


Even though we handle our beloved technological gadgetry hundreds of times a day, did you ever notice the string of mysterious symbols on the back? Is it an explanation of how to survive the Mayan apocalypse or find the wormhole that immediately transports you to the Apple store of your dreams?

Unfortunately, the explanations provided by Gizmodo are far more mundane, but could make for an interesting icebreaker to wow the ladies or gents with your geek chic while sneaking your number onto their phone.


Underwriters Laboratories is an independent, non-profit “safety science company” that tests, analyzes, and audits a wide range of products sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico, to ensure that they meet their respective state and federal safety regulations . Most everything sold in North America—digital cameras, electric guitars, headphones, OLED displays—is tested by the UL for compliance with both the consumer protection regulations and international trade agreements. The UL mark is also used by insurance underwriters as an indicator of product reliability under normal operating conditions.


CSA International is another independent testing and certification company that vets consumer and industrial products. For plumbing supplies, HVAC systems, and electronics destined for US and Canadian markets, a CSA stamp indicates that the product meets or exceeds all applicable standards.

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Decoding your gadgets.

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