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Create a deliciously irresistible blog post title

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“Blog post titles are powerful. They are the point of contact between content and reader, meaning the level of effectiveness of your title will determine whether the reader clicks or moves on to the next best thing.

To grab attention and persuade the reader to hang around your blog for a while, you need to create a deliciously irresistible blog post title.”

Here are a few bites to get your started with more on the full article:

1, Let the reader know what to expect

2. Be engaging

3. Be straightforward

4. Include a hook

5. Make it actionable.

To maximize blog traffic, you need to not only write alluring and persuasive blog titles to entice readers to click on your post, but also keyword rich titles that will give search engines the ability to find you.
Full article on Rebekah Radice

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