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Create a successful crowdfunding campaign


One of the most lasting lessons from the 2008 elections has to be the power of crowdfunding. President Obama’s ability to raise loads of money from loads of people isn’t a huge mystery, there are concrete things you can do to emulate his success. IndieGoGo’s founder, Slava Rubin, offers a few tips. For example:

Make it a team effort
Starting off a solo campaign may seem sensible, but actually campaigns with at least four people on the team outperform solo ventures. That’s partly because teams bring to campaigns wider social networks. Indeed, on IndieGoGo teams raise 70 percent more than ventures with just one person involved.

Consisting of six team members, the in.gredients campaign is well on its way to funding its endeavor for a package-free grocery store.

Full story at the Huffington Post.

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