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Creepy nighttime tour of abandoned Disney water park [video]

Disney theme parks are supposed to be magical places. But when you see this abandoned Disney water park, you’ll be inclined to think they’re full of dark magic.

Full story at Backyard Exploration.

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  • roguemike13

    Just FYI, this was not a ‘water park’. This was Discovery Island, and it was a nature preserve, accessible only by boat. It was shut down many years ago, but I went there a few times when I was a kid. Sad to see it so spooky and abandoned. It was beautiful once upon a time.

  • Christopher

    It is the same island that the abandoned water park was located on, but if they ever made it to the water park (River Country) I couldn’t tell. There are several videos and pics of the abandoned water park floating around that you can find and they are kind of cool to look at as a former guest of that park. I would have been interested in seeing it at night but, alas, no luck here.

  • Vance

    Yeah, this is Discover Island, not River Country. Discover Island and River Country are (were) not located on the same piece of land at the parks. Discover Island was closed when the decision was made to open Animal Kingdom. There was no compelling reason to do anything to the island once it was “closed down”. I find it interesting though how these explorers got to the island. Unlike the ruins of River Country, which is actually located only a few feet from Fort Wilderness, Discovery Island is actually an island so they would have had to take a raft or something to get there.

  • Jim

    All three of you are wrong. This is River Country at Ft. Wilderness, not Discovery Island. It is in a well blocked, hidden area on the NW side of Fort Wilderness on the shore of Bay Lake.

    You can easily tell that is is not Discovery island had because there were no bridges or steps anywhere there. The island had one elevation and was completely flat everywhere.

    River country had steps and bridges everywhere because it had to be multi elevational as all the water rides were gravity driven. If all that wasn’t enough a well documented water wheel is shown at 1:58 that was located at River Country. As an Orlando local, i went to river country at least 30 times and i remember that wheel clearly, as well as other landmarks shown in this video. Most of the steps are on the stairs up to the top of the water flumes.

    To be clear though, there are TWO abandon areas at Disney that are abandon like this, both where someone has broken into at night and taken videos. This one however is clearly River country, not Discovery Island.