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Crocheted portraits elevate common craft to fine art [video]


Jo Hamilton may have begun crocheting in a most traditional way, at the knees of her mother and grandmother, but the result resembles that of an art studio far more than a fireside.

After realizing in art school that oil painting simply wasn’t her medium, she returned to her roots and crocheted a cityscape that prompted some good-natured ribbing from friends who she then threatened with rendering their portraits in yarn. It was there she found her nook, and anyone who sees these works quickly realizes that she has truly found her artistic home.

Below is a stop-motion video of one of these portraits in the making, and it should be noted she does these with only a photo as guidance, painstakingly ripping and remaking each work until she finds the perfect color and pattern.


Full story at Jo Hamilton via My Modern Met.

The art of crochet.

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