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The crossing guard who survived Nazi work camp

You never know the backstories of people around you. While many may have banal backstories, this crossing guard has an amazing one: he survived a Nazi work camp.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Sherry McCabe-Incorvia

    I always remember the saying “Never forget the stranger you may entertain may be an angel in disguise.” Our world has become so isolated. Will the new generations ever learn simple joy of just listening to an elderly person telling them a story to take through life with them. I loved hearing the stories of my elderly patients. I thought I’d never be able to forget them. I remember a few names but, I should have taken the time to write them down. We don’t embrace the wisdom of the elderly as other cultures do. Sadly we lose so much history & thoughts we don’t find in a book. It’s far more real not to forget those well spent moments & lessons in time. They can’t be reread or repeated with the same words & feelings. Thank you to those who are wise enough to do it for us.