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Crowdfunding an NYC pool project


Finding respite from New York’s swelteringly humid stinky heat will get a bit easier if an ambitious Kickstarter campaign successfully raises funds for a pool that would float on the city’s rivers.

The +Pool project hopes to build a plus sign-shaped swimming pool off the shores of New York that uses a filtration system to fill the structure with treated river water. The idea began circulating last year and has garnered interest from those in both the public and private sector. The team behind the project has spent the last year working with designers, engineers, community organizers and consultants to put together a workable plan.

The campaign is now seeking funds to test its filtration system and build a full-scale mockup of the purification piece, which will cost an estimated $500,000.

Learn more at Kickstarter.

Get your crowdfunding on.

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  • Admirer

    Awesome project that has relevance in every Metro area with a river running through it!
    Go guys.