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Cruising Mongolia in 4 minutes [video]


When most people think “road trip,” they’re not thinking Mongolia, but that’s exactly what Vimeo user Spots Unknown and company did, and you can, too (vicariously) with this condensed four-minute version of their eleven-day trip.

Experience the roadlessness, the bandits, the breakdowns, the yaks, and the camels, without ever having to figure out how to steer and shift a right-driving mini-car through some of the remotest land on the planet. And see it out the windshield just like we did.

It should be mentioned that he’s also compiling a five-minute film of the road trip to the Russian border of Mongolia from London, and has invited fellow highway travelers to join them in the Gonzo Road Trip Rally from June 26th to July 10th of this year across the United States. What better way to kick off a summer vacation than getting lost with the pros?

Full story at Vimeo via Boing Boing.

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  • Craig Portell

    So, the first guy you met after crossing the border…….do you speak Mongolian or Kazakh……if now, how do you know he was telling you the road was out? I’ve lived in Mongolia for 8 years, I’ve traveled this road several times and I’ve NEVER met any bandits! REALLY?