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Curious link between eye color & alcoholism

Individuals of every shade can fall victim to the vicious cycles of alcoholism, yet one study showed an interesting correlation between a particular eye color and a tragic weakness for drink.

A team of researchers looked at a group of Americans of European ancestry and found an interesting association between alcoholism and eye color, one that will give those with blue eyes a reason to sing a tune of the same hue.

According to LiveScience:

The prevalence of alcoholism was the highest in people with blue eyes — their rate was about 80 percent higher than that of people with other eye colors, according to the study.

Moreover, the connection between eye color and an increased risk of alcoholism was confirmed by the results of a genetic analysis, which showed a significant link between the genetic components responsible for eye color and those that studies have linked with a person’s risk of alcohol dependence, the researchers said.

Those with lighter eyes in general were also more prone than their brown-eyed counterparts, but further research must be done taking into consideration factors such as the connection between eye color and certain mood disorders that could be partially to blame.

Full story at LiveScience.

Interesting research on alcoholism.

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