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Curl up with a good book in the Bookworm


Not everyone has the space for a library and a cozy chair to curl up in, so for bibliophiles who are crunched for space, there’s the ingenious Bookworm available by special order through Atelier 010:

The self-supporting mold is composed of three, mounted on-site, parts and remains in balance by a stainless steel leg in the side wall. The curved shape is created by thin layers of MDF and buigplex bending along custom molds. The outer walls are painted, the inside in fresh white. A lamp suspended from the upper side of the worm ensures the read[er] light.

Though it might take more than two throw pillows to make it as comfy as that dependable, old chair, the modern design is otherwise as functional as it is striking.

Full story at Atelier010 via Technabob.

Design by the book.

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