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Cute dog waits on couch all day for owner to come home [video]

You’ve seen lots of videos of dogs freaking out when their owners disappear for hours. This video is the opposite of that. This dog just sleeps on the couch for seven hours straight!

Full story at YouTube.

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  • The dog was obeying her human, and stayed where he told her to stay. That’s not cute – it was very mean of the owner to tell her to “stay”. Not very kind.

  • gail

    to me this seems cruel to leave that dog alone for so many hours! this man doesnt deserve to own a dog, he needs a cat. i pity this poor lonesome dog.

  • Hawk

    You can’t tell the dog to stay, that’s mean.

  • That guy is a moron… he told the dog to stay and it did… cruel! All day long

  • Nancy Amidzich

    Dogs need to relieve themselves if they stay home all day. It’s cruel to demand the dog not to pee all day!! Don’t humans need to pee during the day!! Nancy

  • Susan

    Cruel. Nobody should tell the dog to stay on the couch for seven hours or even an hour. Hope he will stop doing this such a behavior for the sake of his beloved dog.

  • Shirley

    Yes. The dog stayed on the couch because that is where his master told him to go. You see it when people leave their dog on the side of the road. Some dogs will stay there forever until someone helps him. I am hoping the owner just was not aware of what he was doing. If he had just walked out the door without instructing the dog to do anything, the dog may have wondered around and found a place or two more to his liking. Didn’t the dog even want a drink of water during the day? I also did not see the dog get too excited when his human did come home.

  • Shirley

    I agree. It was not cute. The dog stayed there because his human told him to. Didn’t the dog want a drink of water or anything while he was alone? You see this all the time when dogs are left on the side of the road, dumped by its owners. They will stay there forever until someone helps. I also noticed that the dog was not at all excited when his owner did come home. Making the dog jump up to you does not mean the dog is happy to see you.

  • Donna Fisher

    Telling a dog to stay in one place all day is cruel, in my opinion. It would be one thing if the man had not told her to stay and she chose to stay on the sofa all day asleep on her own but she was obeying. Good dog for obeying, bad man for making her.

  • GetAClue

    Oh, please. Mean. Sure. Well that didn’t take long for the idiot dog experts to start crying animal abuse. How about you stay off the net?

  • Debra

    The last words I always say to my pets, as I shut my front door, is “mommy loves you.”

  • Didn’t leave her a toy or treat or nothing ! Put him on the couch for 7 hours with nothing to do & see how he likes it !

  • jen

    good puppy

  • Kat

    I do not think that he means for the dog to stay on the couch all day long, but that seems to be what the dog may think that he is supposed to do. “Stay” on the couch, as he was told. The guy needs to just tell his dog “Good-bye. I will be home, later.” You can tell that he loves his dog, but may be unintentionally making the dog stay on the couch all day.
    Hope things change and the dog gets off the couch when she wants or needs to. She is a very cute dog.

  • oki

    I totally agree. Good dog for obeying but that was mean to watch. You clearly see the man gesturing STAY. Not a good video dude! Cruel!

  • LR

    Dogs won’t drink water not knowing how long they will have to hold pee, it was cruel…..they dehydrate!!! If the man didn’t come home to let it out it WAS cruel!

  • Reggie

    This is cruel …. how would the guy feel if it was the other way around and was left alone on the couch all day …. take away the dog from this stupid guy …

  • Peggy

    Oh, come on…I don’t tell my dog to “stay” but he still sleeps all day while I’m gone. People do have to work! Are you all saying that we, therefore, should not have dogs? I adopted my older, mixed breed dog and I’m pretty sure he’s happy and content with our situation!

  • Anna

    I sure hope he left a radio or tv on for sound… 7 hours is a long time to sit in silence.

  • Karen

    It wouldn’t matter to my dog if I told him to STAY anywhere! He’d do whatever he wanted to, once I walked out the door. On the other hand, I know he must spend a fair amount of time on the sofa out of choice, because sometimes when I’d come home, that’s where he’d be. As he got used to me leaving him, he got so he wouldn’t do more than lift his head when I came in the door (vs. racing up to me, hysterically barking).

    And I’m sorry to tell the folks who are aghast that the dog’s been left for 7 or more hours … many people who work routinely leave their dogs even longer, and those I’ve known do not have anyone come in to walk their pet. Is that optimal? No, of course not, but it’s expensive to have a walker or take the dog to daycare. From what even my pet-sitter tells me, most dogs, once no longer puppies, will happily sleep most of the day. Perhaps that the case with this dog.

  • noneya

    Oh FFS, people. This isn’t cruel. lol The dog is fine, in a warm house, with a couch to sleep on. So do the people commenting here think that those with full-time jobs don’t “deserve” to have a dog? Oh wait… without a job, we couldn’t afford to care for the dog.

  • Tina

    I so agree with everyone else .. The poor dog was just obeying his owner ., it’s cruel .. He was probably hungry and thirsty .. Just frustrates me some people own animals.. Try to put yourself in the animals spot.. How you would feel

  • Robert

    What a jerk. He doesn’t deserve a good dog like that. Yeah noneya. Stop being so selfish. Think of the dog before yourself for a change. HOW would YOU like being left home alone for 40 or MORE hours a week? Dam…how did you get so inconsiderate and stupid?.

  • Rose

    From most of the post is is apparent that these folks either don’t have dogs or don’t work. I’m gone up to nine hours a day and my dogs have run of the house. Very rarely do i come home to an accident if at all. Dogs adjust to their situations just as we humans do. I tell my three i love them and will see them when i get home. Food, water and toys are out in two separate places in the house. If i am going to be later i call a friend to check in on them. Don’t forget that dogs have a mind of their own no matter how well trained.

  • Ed

    Relax. Dogs adjust to their owners schedules. He obviously loves his dog and what we didn’t see was the activity the dog had prior to him going to work. Also, some dogs do sleep when their owners work. My friend works second shift and when the dog sees her putting on her uniform, she curls up on the bed and sleeps the whole time. The dog has plenty of food and water and a doggie door with a fenced in back yard, and still sleeps until my friend gets home.

  • Sarah

    How do we know for sure that the dog didn’t leave the couch? There were sure times when it looked like the dog left and came back. Perhaps the person doing the video just cut out those parts? In any case, the dog looks healthy and happy.

  • Paxtruth

    The dog did stay where it was told to stay. Maybe that’s mean and maybe not. Would it be better if it wandered around staring out the window longingly or maybe anxious or barking? He took it out immediately when he got home for it to go to the bathroom. Maybe he should do another video without telling it to stay. Many dogs stay in all day while their masters go to work and fret and pine and do stupid and destructive things that make their owners angry with them. To my way of thinking this is much better.

  • Rob

    Beautiful video. What a wonderful dog. I also loved the theme song from the video. Please, could you tell me who sings it. Thank you very much.


    If this guy leaves the dog like this 5 days a week (a typical work week) all day along alone then that’s cruel. If you have one dog and leave him alone that much, get him a playmate. Unfair to the dog.

  • Pamela Watson

    Lighten up folks…did you ever stop to think he only tells his dog to stay while he exits the home. This dog is in no way hampered and can move freely throughout his home, if he chooses too. Dang people…and off for their walk they go…HATERS AND JUDGERS !!!

  • cab

    I too have a dog and leave her when I have to go to work. She has the run of the house and toys and treats but prefers to either sleep all day on my couch or in my bed. I never saw such ridiculous comments about not leaving a dog alone for so many hours – worry about the animals that are out there being neglected and mistreated not the dog that has a home and a soft warm bed to sleep in until the human returns.

  • Emily

    Once again, everyone has to have something to complain about! I usually avoid voicing my opinion about things, but reading some of these ignorant comments infuriates me. It is evident many people either do not own a dog or have little knowledge about dog ownership. For one, a dog should always have a job to do. Allowing your dog to roam around the house does not benefit him at all. Having a job to do could imply physical exercise or mental. Let me put that in perspective for you: as humans we go to work, exercise, or study while in school. All of those things are mentally and physically exhausting. Simply doing nothing does not benefit us, our mind has nothing to focus on. The same general principal should be used when you own a pet. If you give your dog nothing to do but wander around the house he has the tendency to create jobs for himself, aka trash diving, chewing things, or exhibiting anxious behavior (those videos you see where dogs cry and freak out when their owners leave). Now by the owner in this video telling his dog to stay, the dog therefore understands he has a job to do. He knows that he should stay on the couch until told otherwise. For those of you saying this is cruel and he should not have a dog because he has a job, I would truly like to know what you do with your time, if you in fact have a canine companion. Do you sit at home all day giving all of your attention to your dog, if so how do you provide for your animal (and for the love of god do not say a government check). If the off chance you have a job that allows you to work minimal hours a week or enough hours that you find acceptable to leave a dog along at home without being “cruel” please let me know because I’d love to apply for that position. This dog is not mistreated and saying 7 hours is too long to go without food or water? Seriously? If you sleep for 7 hours at night do you wake up and feed your dog? Good lord, the dog isn’t a newborn child and I’m sure many of you have went just as long without eating or drinking. Take a step back and reflect on what you believe this video is. The man obviously loves his dog and the dog loves him. From the moment he walks into the door he takes his dog out for a walk (oh look physical exercise too!). How about instead of criticizing someone for giving a dog a nice couch to nap on 7 hours a day you go out and help the animals that intact are victims of human cruelty.

  • Ann

    I personally could not leave my dog each day for that many hours. But that is me. He obviously loves his dog and the dogs loves the owner, but the owner does have to go to work. Think of all the dogs in shelters who don’t have a cozy home like this. And as dogs get older, that is exactly what most dogs do. Sleep until their owners return. We should not judge unless we see the dog being abused. This is not the case.

  • Louise Jones

    You have to walk a dog at least three times a day, to releave themselves. All day is too long for a dog to stay in one place. Check with your Vet.

  • Paula

    The owner said “wait” not “stay”. Not sure how the dog was trained. “Stay” is typically absolute. “Wait” is often used as a more temporary command — i.e., wait for another instruction but if one doesn’t come you don’t have to stay indefinitely. I use “wait” when I go out the front door. They know it means not to try to go out the door, but they aren’t obligated to remain in place. If I say “”stay” they remain in place until I come back — I only do this for a a few minutes.
    Unless there was a recorder on all day – the dog may well have moved around, gotten a drink of water, etc. and then come back to the comfortable couch. I typically keep my dogs in a room with gates when I am not home. If I forget to close the gate they are usually in the room when I come back but there is evidence they have been elsewhere. Perhaps they return because they think they are supposed to — a stretch — or just because they are comfortable there.

  • trina

    that is so mean and someone should make him sit on that couch for 7 hours with nothing to do, no water, no bathroom and see how he likes it. he thinks he is all that and he is a jerk and should not own a dog. if he loved his dog he wouldnt do that. you love your kids and dont do that so what is the difference. i want him to do that really bad. a real low life

  • JKD

    I have Heelers. This video is not bad! Believe me, if he wanted to get off the couch he would have! Heelers do what they want and are very smart. I work full-time as well. I leave my guys inside my houyse when I’m gone and they can go anywhere. The only difference is that I have 3 dogs so they always have eachother … no one gets lonely! But this boy looks very happy to me.

  • Marilyn Willett

    i have a purebred GS the best in the world we go walking w/ leash folded up in my hand. he is taught to obey, at home he destroys the sofa though so he has the run of the basement, its fixed up and has windows, a walk out basement.
    out in the world he serious, but at home he’s crazy man.

  • Clint Pletcher

    More thoughtful comments from this short dog video than any I have seen from either party’s Presidential debates! Interesting…….

  • Linda Smith

    This is cruel. What about food and water? The dog is only trying to please his owner. The owner should not be allowed to have water or a potty break for a full day and see how it feels. This is not good for the dog’s kidneys or digestive system. Poor baby. Pets so want to please their owners.

  • wow. I cannot believe the comments criticizing the dog owner for this video ….. I guess then, anyone who has a job shouldn’t own a dog? double crazy, is what you people are.

  • just jennifer

    While this guy isn’t winning any pet owner awards from me, you guys cannot say to leave a dog alone all day like this is abuse. Then no one could own a dog. I have always rescued dogs from horrific abusive situations. Trust me, they are just fine being in my safe, loving home while I am at work from 8-4. They have free roam of the house, furniture and to be honest when I am home all day with them they are exhausted and look at me like, “When are you going back to work?”

  • A “cruel” owner would leave his dog tied outside all day, rain, snow, scorching heat. It’s obvious this owner loves his dog. My Aussie will not eat while we are gone. Looks to me like the dog found the most comfortable place in the house to wait. You guys are pitiful.

  • I have a german shepard when I leave I leave her treats fill her water dish and leave the tv on when I come home she hasn’t touched her treats nor is she in the room with the tv but I do it every time because I feel guilty leaving her.i think they miss there owners so much they sleep until they get home not so much for puppies but older dogs for sure.i don’t think this man is bad

  • Shirley

    Wow! You people have lost all of the original posts meaning here. We were not commenting on the fact that the dog was left alone all day. We were commenting on the fact that the guy motioned for the dog to get on the couch and said for the dog to “stay”. I believe he unknowingly gave the dog a command. And that is exactly what the dog did, stay. If he had left for the day without instructing the dog to do anything at all that would be a different matter.

    Now, that being said, if we want to turn the comments into whether a dog should be left alone all day, that is a different story. I vehemently do not believe in leaving a dog alone all day, every day. Especially if they are young. My dog goes for 2 walks a day and to a park (we have about 5 different parks in my area) every day. He has the chance for new and exciting smells and sensations all the time. New experiences all the time. Dogs are pack animals and love to be with their humans. This dog in the video looks to be some kind of cattle dog. They are high energy dogs. All tho’ he does seem to be getting on in years, he still needs to be stimulated to some degree. I am hoping this owner takes the dog out on his days off for rides in the car, goes to the beach, to the park, to the lake for swims, etc….
    And yes, if you have to be away all day, every day, you should not have a dog!!! It is not fair to the animal.

  • My dog sleeps all day, snoring and what not, and this is while I’m at home. I’m guessing he does the same while I’m at work except he will eat a loaf of bread if I forget to put it up but he does that if I’m home too so don’t think he is somehow ‘getting back at me’. Leaving a dog alone is not mentally cruel, I wish people who think it somehow requires a licensed dog psychologist to get over the extreme damage would just grow up.

  • Get a life for crying out loud!