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Czech women seek designer vaginas


Nips and tucks, augmentations and suctions have expanded to below the belt, and we’re not just talking about butt implants. A plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic has seen an uptick in the number of women seeking so-called designer vaginas. Dr. Svatopluk Svoboda, who studied genital plastic surgeries in Brazil, has gone from performing two hoo-ha nip-tucks in 2004 to more than 100 last year.

Women seeking the perfect genitals don’t exactly bring in a photo of what they want like a trip to the salon, so Svoboda commissioned an 87-year-old Czech painter and female anatomy connoisseur to draw the ideal genitalia. The artist created 100 different looks, which Svoboda put into a vagina look-book for patients.

According to Svoboda, most ladies select a minimalist look. “Numbers 59 and 78 are most popular by far,” he revealed.

Full story at Global Post.

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  • herbandmedicine

    You’ve got to be kidding! That makes me twist in my chair just thinking about it.What will they think of next designer penis? Oh my darling,your
    D_ _ _ is SOOOO Vogue. Where did you get that style?And what will it look like next week….OUCH!

  • lok

    No wonder all look the same n the porn girls like very proud that they look like child.