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Dads: The original hipsters

Why send Dad another boring card this year when you could honor he and his lifetime of awesome by submitting a photo to “Dads: The Original Hipsters”? This is the stuff of classic SNL skits right here, folks. Enjoy.


Your dad knew what grunge was before you did and he had the shirt tied around his waist to prove it. Long before you knew what teen spirit smelled like, your dad was breathing it deep. It was a rich tapestry of belly shirts, teen angst and days without showering.

So hipsters, next time you’re tying a flannel around your waist, moshing with a fist full of tallboy Tecate, and sweating the night away at a 90’s dance party, remember this…

Your dad was grunge before grunge was grunge and he is the reason millions were inspired to turn their mid sections into human coat racks…

Full story at Dads are the Original Hipsters via Breakfast Links.

Ah, the joys of parenting.

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