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Dangerous liaisons: Female insect gets dinner with one-night stand [video]


Plenty of folks with an interest in the morality surrounding sex might say that every illicit encounter takes away a small part of the soul that should have been saved for marriage, but it isn’t the soul a male grig has to worry about so much as his body being eaten away in the interest of reproduction.

This video shows a female insect feasting on her partner’s hind wings then drinking the blood from his wound, apparently with little interest in procreation. The male isn’t completely passive though: he uses a hook on his abdomen to catch the female, linking their genitals together.

The wing material doesn’t grow back, so each time a male mates, his hind wings get shorter. Females prefer males with undamaged wings, which makes wingless male grigs less desirable. But according to Kevin Judge, an insect expert from George MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, females will sometimes move onto other body parts when there isn’t much wing to tuck into. “I’ve seen males with missing hind legs that have apparently been chewed off by females,” says Judge.

Ah, the sacrifices some make for sex. Makes a few dinners look like a bargain, though.

Full story at New Scientist.

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