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Dead baby dolphins washing up in the Gulf


Something is amiss off the shores of Mississippi and Alabama that have marine scientists concerned about the health of the region’s dolphin population, though it’s too early to pinpoint a cause with any certainty.

Since the beginning of the year, seventeen dead baby dolphins have washed up on the beaches, ten times the normal rate, which is one or two a month. Seeing that it is the first breeding season since the BP oil spill, scientists are autopsying the tiny mammals to discover a cause.

Noted Moby Solangi, director of The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies:

“We shouldn’t really jump to any conclusions until we get some results,” Solangi said. “But this is more than just a coincidence.”

Full story at The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies via Treehugger.

What’s happening to the dolphins?

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  • Susan Tiernan

    This is so disturbing, I feel sick to my stomach HEARING THIS and want to cry. Seriously, the impact of this catastrophy is not even measureable. SICKENING