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How to deal with a job you hate


Times are tough, and if you’re stuck with a crummy job you may not have the option of quitting. If you’re stuck in a job that you hate, take a look at Dumb Little Man’s two-step advice on coping. For example, take a look at step one:

Step #1: Write Down Everything You Like About Your Job
Grab a piece of paper – or, if you want, use the comments section below this post (you can put in a nickname if you want, so that you stay anonymous!) Write a list of everything you like about your job: big or small.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • My office has air-conditioning
  • I get on well with Sue who sits at the desk next to mine
  • I have health insurance
  • My salary means I can afford the things I need
  • We always have cake or cookies on Fridays

Simply focusing on the positive will help you feel better about your job. It can also give you ideas about ways to improve things: for instance, if you get on well with your colleagues, perhaps you want to form stronger friendships with them.

Full story at Dumb Little Man.

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