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Dear Entrepreneurs, please ignore stock market


It’s pretty hard to ignore the sock market, especially when every ten seconds people start freaking out, and then that guy on MSNBC starts yelling even louder than usual. But this Portfolio.com article is advising you to do just that–ignore all the hoopla. The article tackles the issue from three viewpoints. First, entrepreneurs themselves. Here’s what it says about them:

Daniel Penrod, senior industry analyst with the California Credit Union League, told Portfolio.com that the stock market’s primary influence on entrepreneurs affects their brains, not their businesses.

“The market tends to have a big psychological impact on business owners,” Penrod said, adding that it shouldn’t. “I would argue that there’s a huge disconnect between the two,” he said.

The next two issues the article tackles are funding–which isn’t as hard to come by in a bad market as one might think, it says–and employees–who freak out just as much as their bosses and need reassurance regularly.

Full story at Portfolio.com.

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  • BusinessPartnrs

    What will happen, will happen. Whether one is an angel investor, or an entrepreneur…Tis better to remain calm at all times!