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Deep thoughts: “The Boyfriend’s Guide to Pinterest” [video]


If you aren’t on Pinterest, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about, and if you know what it is and have simply refused to jump on the immaculately-shabby-chic bandwagon, then there’s a good chance you’ve formed a pretty strong defense for your non-participation.

That’s where Modern Primate editor Chris Menning’s thoughtful musings on the “third largest source of referral traffic on the Web” come into play; “The Boyfriend’s Guide to Pinterest” takes a deeper look at the motivations behind joining and not joining in an attempt to spur some thoughtful discussion before relegating the platform into one’s social media no-fly zone.

We’re not saying you have to change your mind or even agree, but all those women in your life trying to figure out what you want as a gift could use a helping hand and if they’re already on Pinterest, well, the world’s your oyster, buddy.

Full story at YouTube via Laughing Squid.

Breaking social media gender barriers.

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