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Delicious marketing lessons from the McRib


You’ve probably seen the signs: “It’s back!” The McDonald’s McRib is a celebrity in its own right by now, inspiring fanaticism when it makes another appearance. McDonald’s marketing strategy is not secret—the McRib comes for awhile, goes for awhile, and never stays anywhere for too long. This creates tremendous buzz about the product. How can you inspire that kind of reaction? Inc.com has a few insights on emulating the McRib’s success. For example:

Scarcity works, but only if your product is known. “The limited-time-only campaign is as old as business itself, but it has to be done carefully,” says Scott Stratten, marketing consultant and author of Un-Marketing.

“If you open your doors with a limited-time sale on one product, you probably won’t get a lot of business and you’ll just have to take that item off the shelf in a week,” he says. “It’s not the best strategy for new start-ups.”

He also warns that having “limited-time” sales that drag on for months don’t work either, as they tend to just look disingenuous—and just plain desperate.

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  • ajward

    Marketing idea McDonalds? Bring back hamburgers in the morning!