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Depressing effectiveness of anti-depressants


This is depressing: according to an article by Andrew Gottlieb, anti-depressants don’t work better than placebos unless you’re “very severely” depressed. Note: these are the results of a “meta-study”—or examination of other studies, and the two drugs looked at were imipramine and paroxetine.

Click through to read more details because there’s a lot of details to consider including the medical definitions of the degree of depression.

A few years ago I had several major attacks of vertigo every year. One treatment was to take an anti-anxiety drug called lorazepram, so I start taking one every time I flew and every time I spoke. I got six standing ovations in a row, but I decided that there was no way that I, Guy Kawasaki, would need drugs to give a good speech.

I haven’t taken one to give a speech in years, and I’ve found that hooking and tripping people while playing hockey is the best anti-anxiety drug for me.

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  • Anonymous

    Really interesting article, Guy! I have also suffered from bouts of severe vertigo in the past. I was told it was BPV. Coincidentally, I was prescribed imipramine as a teenager… I took a pretty heavy dose throughout my high school years. It really had a negative effect on my math skills, by the way. I went from being an A student to a D student. Just couldn’t do math when I was on it. For that reason, I am not a fan of medicating teenagers. I think there are better alternatives like counseling and structured activities like after-school programs.