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Destroying the myth of the super teacher


Roxana Elden is not a Ph.D. without classroom experience dishing out advice full of sunshine and rainbows for new teachers; she’s not the child psychologist talking about how current educational policies – and teachers in particular – are destroying the self-esteem of the nation’s youth; she’s a ten-year veteran of the profession who well remembers the exhaustion and disillusionment of that first year when hope runs high and sleep runs dangerously low as one pursues the impossible image of “super teacher” Hollywood loves to portray:

“Super Teacher: Force of nature, does not need support from colleagues, does not need a full night’s sleep and with the right training, doesn’t really need experience.”

With honesty, humor and practical advice, she provides teachers with real advice complete with several grains of salt for flavor in this talk as well as her book See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers By Teachers.

Trust us, watch it and scoff, newbies, but bookmark it for October.

Full story at Vimeo via Good.is.

The reality of educating.

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  • Classof1

    Good stuff!!

  • Cirrus

    It is frightening to note that the only student teachers I ever see in my school are PE teachers.

    Where are the people who will take my place when I finally pull the cell posters and Periodic Table off the wall, trash the collection of old roller coaster projects, remove the aquarium full of now-giant goldfish, and give away the 70+ binders that have activities, maps, labs, puzzles, tests, and rubrics?

    Who will chop up the index cards to make the ecology game pieces, or add comments to every graph on the stack of papers, or prepare a lesson that explains the latest headline about climatic apocolypse? Who will devise a way to make a STEM activity out of wooden skewers and paper bags? Who will nurture the next generation of curious and dedicated researchers, doctors, or astronauts?

    Maybe it will have to be Hollywood inspiration at this point. Perhaps we need more movie stars playing dedicated academic teachers to attract future teachers. Wait. I better re-think that ..the only science-teacher hero in the media right now is on Breaking Bad.

  • Really? If it eases your mind, the school at which I used to teach seems to bring in a stream of former students going into academic teaching, and, heaven help them, if they’re not devoted, they’d never make it through. 🙂
    Three cheers for wooden skewers and paper bags!