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Digital natives don’t get magazines [video]


Like the wizards and witches of Harry Potter’s world trying to understand why Muggle pictures don’t move, this new generation of digital natives is likely to be perplexed by the unresponsiveness of traditional media.

Poor baby’s trying to figure out who broke the magazine.

Full story at YouTube via Pleated Jeans.

Tech babies.

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  • Bret

    How about she’s a baby, her touching something doesn’t automatically infer that she expects it to work like an iPad. When she used the iPad she was slamming her hands on it, not doing anything the iPad does. Does this mean that the next time she touches her nose, she expects it to open a link? If she was old enough to know what she was doing or even doing things specific to the iPad (pinch zooming, swiping) then I might agree that she is confused by the magazine. So is her putting the ipad in her mouth going to imply that she is a prodigy that will go to Harvard?