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DIY pallet projects

It always seemed a shame that so many pallets went unused after doing their duty, yet these clever do-it-yourselfers have given these packaging pieces a whole new life with some clever design and uncommon vision.

Child’s bed


LorI Danelle made this cute custom toddler bed out of two pallets with closely-spaced slats. Bolts, screws, a piece of lumber and some casters make up the rest of the supplies. Since pallets can be roughly textured, this project definitely involves lots of sanding for a smooth kid-safe result.

Store display shelves


Cut in half and stacked, these pallets create a simple organization system for wares in a shop without any other alterations. The idea could be adapted for a drying rack in an art studio or plates and pans in a kitchen.

Storage crates


Turn a disassembled pallet into a pair of storage crates with two feet of new 1”x12” lumber and a free tutorial by Ana White. Left raw, clear-coated or painted, these bins could be used to store toys, shoes, magazines or garden supplies. They could also be used outside for an easy way to move potted plants around your yard.

Full story at WebEcoist.

Rustic and recycled DIY.

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