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Does having one partner make men smarter?


The answer is – quite possibly. According to a new study, sexually exclusive liberal atheist men are the smartest men around. The research, led by evolutionary psychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa, evaluated IQ scores of young American students along with their political, religious, and sexual preferences seven years later.

The results suggest that:

Liberals had IQ scores that were, on average, eleven points higher than conservatives, that atheists scored about six points higher than non-atheists, and that men who were sexually exclusive with their partners had higher scores than men who were not (although women who were sexually exclusive did not.)

Full story at Carnal Nation.

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  • musbert

    Kind of depends on how they defined liberal. If they defined "Liberal" as caring about the economic well being of others, than an Ayn Rand capitalist would be a liberal since capitalism creates wealth.

    Besides, maybe they are smarter to begin with and that is why they only have one woman.