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Does telecommuting mean more work?


Instead of being a way to balance career and family, US employees who telecommute often find themselves working more hours each week, say researchers at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Most of the respondents who work from home add five to seven hours to their workweek compared with those who work exclusively at the office.
  • Those who work remotely also are significantly less likely to work a standard 40-hour schedule and more likely to work overtime.
  • Most telecommuting hours occur after an employee has already put in 40 hours of work at the office.

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  • Anonymous

    Based on my own observations made just from watching my husband, who works at the office and then at home. I can see that his work hour accumulate as he finishes the e-mails from home, making his work week a 65-70 hour one as opposed to a 40 -45 hour a week job that has 0 take home/telecommunication work to do after 5 o’clock.