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Dorkpod turns electric wheelchair into DIY “vertical electric transport”

If you’ve been dreaming of jumping on the electric vehicle bandwagon, but don’t have the means for a car or bike, here’s a DIY way to make your dreams come true.

The Dorkpod is the brainchild of Tinkersmiths Makerspace in Charlottesville, VA and is currently being funded at Kickstarter (with a measly $3000 goal).

As Treehugger explained:

The plans and kit being offered for the Dorkpod calls for an upright ‘cage’ made from 3/4″ finished grade plywood, which is designed to be cut on a CNC milling machine (but which could be cut with other tools, at a loss of some precision). The plans, which will be available to backers at the $25 level, will allow anyone with access to a makerspace or modern wood shop the ability to ‘print’ their own pieces, and for those who want the kit (minus the wheelchair), they will be available at the $350 level (unpainted) and $650 level (painted), or with custom branding at higher backer levels.

Naturally, the customization options are endless for the clever DIYer, and after seeing plenty of electric wheelchairs whipping around the hills of Pittsburgh, I can tell you they might be onto something here.

Check it out:

It even does wheelies!

Full story at Dorkpod via Treehugger.

Crazy cool inventions.

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