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Dressed for success: how what you wear affects your brain [video]

On those days when you’re lucky enough to telecommute, working in your pjs and bunny slippers may make you feel more powerful, but could it be having a negative impact on your work performance?

Scientists have discovered a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition,” wherein what you wear does, in fact, have an impact on how you think and perform on different tasks.

As David McRaney of the You Are Not So Smart podcast explains:

Up until now, most psychological investigations into clothing have dealt with how clothes communicate status or facilitate rituals. For instance, if you put a person in a police uniform and have them ask questions or make demands you’ll get completely different results than if you had the same person wear a pirate costume. But what about the person in the uniform or the costume? Are the clothes affecting his or her behavior, thoughts, judgments, and decisions? The evidence collected so far suggests that yes, the clothes we wear affect our minds in ways we never notice. In fact, it’s likely the same person in the same situation in the same clothes will behave differently depending just on the color of those clothes.

Check it out:

Full story at Boing Boing.

Not the kind of science we like in the least.

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