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Drunk Qatari hairdresser gets 40 lashes

Splash from olive in a glass of cocktail.

Good thing Reese Witherspoon wasn’t visiting Qatar with her husband this weekend or she’d have been facing 40 lashes. Or possibly worse.

A Muslim barber who consumed alcohol will be getting his 40 lashes soon because alcohol is banned in Qatar (except for in hotels and for non-Muslims who obtain specific licenses) and said drunken fellow was trying to foist his phone number upon a “domestic worker” when police were called.

So 40 lashes it is, and a fine of about $135.

Qatar is an arab state, bordered by Saudia Arabia and by the Persian Gulf. Oil has made it one of the wealthiest of the emirate states.

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Photo credit: Juri Samsonov – Fotolia.com

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  • mufyd

    A Qatari Barber? Unbeleivable! Unless its his hobby and he has a luxorious ‘barbershop’ with golden scissors and drives a range rover. I really don’t Believe there are any Qatari barbers here anymore.